ELITE boasts a heightened pile, completed by a robust blade design, meticulously crafted to mirror a lush, natural yard. Its innovative AQUAGRID™ technology ensures unparalleled drainage speed, up to 8x faster than conventional punch hole backings. Ideal for most applications, particularly favored for pet friendly environments and areas subjected to heavy foot traffic.

Total Weight: 99.5oz

Pile Height: 2''


Fiber: Katana

Warranty: 25 Years

Stronger Molecular Build: KATANA is two times stronger than existing grades of yarn! Its unique molecular structure features a longer carbon chain — making artificial grass blades stronger and more durable.

UV Resistance: KATANA technology protects turf against UV radiation — keeping your lawn cool and comfortable all year long! This also prevents fading over time.

Long-Lasting/Bounce Back Blades: KATANA’s molecular structure prevents turf from flattening and matting over time. KATANA lawns can last for decades, and will remain straight and green after years of heavy use.

Natural Look & Feel: KATANA is softer and more natural looking than other commonly used synthetic yarns. It’s high quality increases curb appeal while creating a more comfortable environment.

Katana White Transparent
AQUAGRID Permeable Backing for Artificial Grass

This exclusive technology revolutionizes drainage efficiency, achieving drainage rates up to 8 times faster than standard punch hole backed artificial turfs. Exceptionally permeable, it allows for comprehensive liquid penetration across the entire backing. This feature ensures that water, pet urine, and other fluids can drain effortlessly through the turf directly into the soil below. 

Unlike many traditional artificial grass products with non-permeable backings that often lead to waterlogging and odor issues, our AQUAGRID™ Technology is ingeniously designed to prevent any accumulation of liquids on the turf surface. As a result, your artificial lawn stays consistently clean, dry, and odorless, making it an ideal and hygienic choice for households with pets or for areas requiring pristine lawn conditions.

Made in America

ELITE is proudly manufactured in America, ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Meticulously crafted with care and precision, embodying our commitment to excellence. All products in the PATRIOT COLLECTION under go the highest quality testing and safety standards to produce products built to last for our customers.


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